Army Cyber Innovation Challenge

The March 31st Army Cyber Challenge event hosted at DIUx was an example of taking a complex DoD Challenge and bringing it into a dynamic tech ecosystem for a new solution.

With the opening of DIUx in Silicon Valley, the Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) saw an opportunity to provide a problem with funding and a flexible vehicle to reach new solution providers that they had not done work with DoD in the past. The Army’s experiment—called the Army Cyber Innovation Challenge -- targets small and micro companies by working through a consortium of nontraditional innovators and allows awards to nontraditional businesses for prototype equipment on a commercial timeline. The Army needs to move fast in order to meet changing threats.

More than 120 attendees of the March 31st event in Mountain View learned about the Army’s micro-cloud management needs and about the “other transaction authority” (OTA), a contract that permits the Army to enter into agreements with outside entities beyond traditional defense contractors. The OTA mechanism provides cost-sharing, shortens the capability-development cycle and speeds the transition of prototypes to the government.

Speakers provided technical details of the micro-cloud management problem, solicited feedback on the problem shaping from industry partners in Silicon Valley, and outlined the three-month process to solicit, evaluate and award contracts for prototype solutions.

In case you missed it, links to the presentations are below:

The event was recorded and may now be viewed: Videos of Presentations from the Cyber Innovation Challenge

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