DIUx Startup Townhall:
Decoding the DoD

As part of the effort to experiment with a variety of different types of engagement activities, the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental (DIUx), hosted a Small Business Townhall and Networking Event on February 18 at its offices in Mountain View, CA.

Six speakers shared valuable information, articulated Intellectual Property facts to eliminate myths, provided insight on current S&T and operational needs, and began to decipher the ABCs and many acronyms of DoD contracting. In addition, also in attendance were ten small business representatives from across the Department to provide additional resources and provided more detailed technology needs with companies at an informal networking session immediately following the panel discussion.

“The Townhall was an important event that allowed DoD to share some important general information with the start-ups, small businesses and companies that don’t usually do business with the DoD,” said George Duchak. “This is the reason behind DIUx in Silicon Valley; to break down the barriers between those companies that don’t usually work with DoD, act as guides between new technologies and potential Service requirements, and help to decode the language of DoD.”

“DoD can be a valuable partner to businesses across the country by providing funding for technology maturation, introducing their technology to potential DoD customers and testing technology in real world applications,” said Kenyata Wesley, acting director of DoD’s Small Business Programs. “This industry-Government partnership allows companies to receive funding without diluting the equity of existing founders and investors.”

In an increasingly competitive and fast-moving environment, the Department of Defense relies on technical innovation to maintain our Nation’s advantage over potential adversaries. DIUx serves as a nexus between the non-traditional technology ecosystems and the DoD in Silicon Valley, identifying potential solutions and matching them to the right customers, contracts and funding sources, within the Services.

For additional small business resources and upcoming events, go to www.business.defense.gov.

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